Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dinner out

For our youngest child's family birthday we went to Il Fornello (Oakville Location) The alternative menu with non dairy soy cheeses and gluten free options was welcomed, staff where more than happy to answer questions. The atmosphere was very nice and felt upscale. I must say though the food it self wasn't as good as I had thought it would be. Having said that, our oldest was glad to eat a dairy free pizza in a restaurant and said it was very good. We hadn't had dairy free restaurant pizza, for a while.

We then drove down the street to the Organic Garage a local health food store. They offer a variety of gluten and dairy free items, and some organic foods. Their specials are always well prised and I can often find a new dairy free item or more.

Our birthday girl picked out Dairy Free Chocolate Cheese cake from Sweets From the Earth are eldest choose some vegan cookies from Organic Works an old favourite.

We came home defrosted the vegan cheese cake, and started the coffee for us grown ups. The cake looked beautiful, with dark chocolate drizzled on top, and it did not disappoint. It truly was hard to believe the cake was dairy free. The chocolate graham cracker bottom complemented the chocolate cheese cake perfectly.

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