Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day

My Father once claimed I would eventually find a product that was completely allergen free, but the joke would be on me because the box would be completely empty.

I joked that the box would not be allergen free because the tape to hold the box together would contain corn. More non food items that contain corn here

Little Did he know I would make such an effort to uncover hidden allergens in non food products in my Chemurgy and Allergens Blog. As a child I had multiple food allergens, I remember the thrill of finding a new food I could eat, with him.

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Image From Allergy Signs (Free Allergy Images)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Ambulance Tours

At a local event, I saw a parametric give tours to kids of the local ambulance, the EMS had at the event we attended. The car free event also had two paramedics on bicycles. In my opinion every family, especially ones who have a child with any medical condition, that may require an ambulance, should make use of this community service. In our area at many community events, the EMS provide this service, to make ambulance rides seem less scary for kids. An added important reason for this EMS service, is if an emergency should happen, an ambulance is already on-site.

As well as kids getting a tour, teens asked about being a paramedic as a career choice. I also had a chance to talk to the gentlemen giving the tours. Our local Ambulances all carry epinephrine. When I last took a First Aid and CPR Course in my home town both the ambulances and Fire trucks had epinephrine, my current city "only" all the local ambulances carry epinephrine.

We talked about the history of epinephrine, costs and upcoming products yet to be introduced to the market, based on EpiPen. He was very knowledgeable, and good with the kids.

EMS Week May 17 - 23 is Emergency Medical Services Week.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cost of EpiPens How Much Do You Pay?

I really have to wonder about the cost of EpiPens. Why are they so expensive? Why do they cost less in Canada? I'm Canadian I was quoted $99.99 for an adult EpiPen (May, 2015) that would be 20$ after our insurance. Yet some Americans not qualified for insurance/ discount programs are charged around $300! Not everyone qualifies for the $0 co-pay offered.

In general I thought the costs of drugs have gone up because of costs of research and development, and testing before a drug can reach the market. The inventor of the EpiPen Sheldon Kaplan (who never got a penny in royalties) has largely been forgotten by history.

Why Are Drug Costs So High in the United States? The above link claims many companies spend more on marketing than research and development. The above article also talks about negotiations between insurers and drug companies in the section on Chicken or Egg Who is most to blame insurers or drug companies? was most interesting!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Allergy Dangers and Beds

A while back my husband and I were shopping at The Brick, looking for a new mattress for our bed. I asked where they keep their list of ingredients? The sales person was confused, as to what I was referring to. I explained that mattresses, and bed materials can be made from allergens, and I wanted to know if they listed the ingredients, or materials on their products. After I gave him a brief lesson on chemurgy he said that some of The Bricks mattresses are made from in part from soy. I asked what their policy was for warning people with soy allergens about those products, he said they had none.

For more information of furniture made from allergens see my sister blog Chemurgy and Allergens:
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(The products listed on the above links are sold at different stores. The Brick is one of many stores that carry non food items that contain allergens)

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Princess and The Peanut Allergy

What I found at my local library: The Princess and the Peanut Allergy by Wendy McClure. At first the birthday girl was going to pick out a cake with peanuts in it. After the birthday girl finds out about her friend's peanut allergy, they have a tiff, but in the end Regina orders a peanut free cake, and Paula, the friend with the peanut allergy is reminded of how important it is to speak up and not be "a quiet little mouse" about her allergy.

Everyone enjoyed the birthday party. I would have liked to hear more about making sure the cake was truly nut free, rather than "We've made special cakes like this before." after passing a note to the baker "No Peanuts! Not even a Little Bit!". See our list of Nut Free Bake Shops I would also liked at lest a mention of other allergens could have been a concern in the children's section of the book. In "A Note To parents and Friends of Children With Food Allergies" They did mention other allergies, and went into more details about cross contamination with allergens, and asking questions at restaurants.

What I did like is how the book included social problems of handling a peanut allergy, during birthday parties. This is a common issue for children with food allergies.

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