Saturday, November 28, 2015

Farmer Jack's Finds

Farmer Jack's Market Hosted an event allowing people to meet the vendors of some of the products they sell

Cathy's Kombucha is fermented tea drink, that contains probiotics and is gluten and soy free. I talked to their representative, she said the factory is also nut and dairy free. At one point they produced a product that contains sulphites, but they no longer handle sulphites. Finding a dairy free probiotic that tastes like a treat was a wonder, we sampled a few drinks, and my whole family agreed we enjoyed them all.

Bay Meats gave out samples of their gluten free beef jerky. I have bought them in the past at Jack's.

Eudora Foods was also at Farmer Jack's, last time I spoke to them they did not have any kind of precautionary statement on their products or website. I was pleased that the product now has "may contains statement" on their products. Eudora Foods now has this statement on their web site "All products are made in a shared kitchen that also produces products with gluten, wheat, dairy, nuts, mustard seed, egg and fish". I was glad to see this improvement.

No'oats Paleo Cereal was also at Jack's it is a granola cereal that is on it's way to earning gluten free certification! and is dairy free and follows the paleo diet.

Farmer Jack's Market is a small grocer, with a selection of fruit and vegetables, and other grocery items, they focus on local and/or organic foods. At the back of the store they sell vegan soups and smoothies, customers can also order veggie trays. Every visitor gets a "fruit of the week", as they give a way a new fruit about every week, to encourage people to try new fruits. Jack's Market is located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, it is on the corner of Appleby and Fairview.

Full Disclosure: I was given samples, however I bought my own bottle of Cathy's Kombucha at Farmer Jack's. I am also a frequent customer of Farmer Jack's.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Medical Information Listed Inside Hardhats

My husband (not pictured) typically a few times a year has to wear a hardhat for his job.

Inside his hard hat their is a label that reads:
Medical Information:
Next of Kin:

This week he brought out his hardhat, and I noticed his information listed inside. I recommend Medic Alert products as the first line of communication, should a person not be able to speak, about any medical concern. I definitely do support this idea as well. I and am glad my husband filled in the information on his hard hat.

Allergic adults and young people PLEASE let your employer know any and all medical issues, you may have.

Listing of Companies That Sell Allergy Gear: Allergy Gear
As the allergy market grows so do the number of companies that sell allergy products such as magnets, posters, t-shirts, necklaces and more.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Can You Compost Painted Teal Pumpkins

We have given out food free treats at our house, even when I was a kid. I thus support the #TealPumpkinProject.

As a gardener, I have a compost bin in our backyard, our regional government also has a green bin composting program. I contacted our region to find out if our municipality could accommodate painted pumpkins. This was their response:

Good afternoon Karen,

I have been forwarded your e-mail with regards to the pumpkins painted Teal for the allergy awareness at Halloween. Pumpkins that are painted with regular water based kids craft paint can be placed in with the yard waste to be composted. Pumpkins that are painted with non-natural paints are to be placed in with the garbage.

This response was from a Region's Waste Management Collection Technician

I think we will do a paper pumpkin painted teal once again this year, if I wanted to do a craft painted pumpkin, I'd rinse it before composting. Our city sells skate/swim passes so we will be giving those out this year, along with other dollar store goodies, for our food free treats.

Paint Concerns:
Paint Made From Milk
Paint Made From Eggs
Paint Made From Nuts

Allergy Friendly Chocolate
Dairy Free Chocolate

Compost Concerns:
Nuts in Garden Supplies
Garden Products made From Shrimp

Halloween Allergy Books For Kids

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day

My Father once claimed I would eventually find a product that was completely allergen free, but the joke would be on me because the box would be completely empty.

I joked that the box would not be allergen free because the tape to hold the box together would contain corn. More non food items that contain corn here

Little Did he know I would make such an effort to uncover hidden allergens in non food products in my Chemurgy and Allergens Blog. As a child I had multiple food allergens, I remember the thrill of finding a new food I could eat, with him.

For The Dads:
Moustache Products That Contain Nut Oils

Nut Products For BBQs

Image From Allergy Signs (Free Allergy Images)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Ambulance Tours

At a local event, I saw a parametric give tours to kids of a ambulance, the EMS had at a local event we attended. The car free event also had two paramedics on bicycles. In my opinion every family, especially ones who have a child with any medical condition, that may require an ambulance, should make use of this community service. In our area at many community events, the EMS provide this service, to make ambulance rides seem less scary for kids. An added important reason for this EMS service, is if an emergency should happen, an ambulance is already on-site.

As well as kids getting a tour, teens asked about being a paramedic as a career choice. I also had a chance to talk to the gentlemen giving the tours. Our local Ambulances all carry epinephrine. When I last took a First Aid and CPR Course in my home town both the ambulances and Fire trucks had epinephrine, my current city "only" all the local ambulances carry epinephrine.

We talked about the history of epinephrine, costs and upcoming products yet to be introduced to the market, based on EpiPen. He was very knowledgeable, and good with the kids.

EMS Week May 17 - 23 is Emergency Medical Services Week.


It was suggested to me that ambulance tours could happen at allergy offices, at first I thought this was a good idea. After thinking about this further, not only would those with allergies benefit from tours but people with seizers, diabetes and other medical conditions, when these tours happen in the greater community.