Thursday, November 5, 2009

Health Canada

Health Canada will have the following workshops, in tandem with on line surveys.

Health Canada will beholding workshops on precautionary labeling, link. You can also E-mail in your concerns.

Halifax Nov 23 2009
Toronto Nov 25 2009
Vancouver Nov 30 2009
Edmonton Dec 02 2009
Winnipeg Dec 04 2009
Ottawa Dec 10 2009
Montreal Dec 09 2009

They are asking for individuals, organizations as well as stakeholders such as manufactures to participate. I once asked a Health Canada representative for a list of manufactures who are slowing down the clear labelling law in Canada, I was refused, although they admitted it would be fair to give it to me.

I wonder if the manufactures (who do not want to be allergy aware) will have the nerve to participate with the organisations such as allergy support groups in these workshops.

We were promised clear labelling law by 2008, now they will not promise anything. Interestingly in Ontario students in Grade Five are expected to learn how a Canadian law is made, from bill to law. Would Health Canada pass Grade Five?

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