Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sencha Naturals

Sencha Naturals sent me samples of their loose leaf mints, and Green Tea Bars.

Their bars are vegan all gluten & wheat Free (original, Delicate Pear, Lively Lemongrass and Morning Lychee) they are fairly very large in size for a "free from" bar 2.0 oz or 56g. We found them to be more chewy that crunchy, very satisfying. I like that many of their ingredients are organic, and are all non-genetically modified. My milk allergic daughter soon was asking for "Those bars that came in the mail." Each bar equals three cups of green tea, made with ingredients like fruits nuts and seeds.

They do have a precautionary labelling that they are manufactured in a plant also processes milk, eggs, fish tree nuts and peanuts. They emailed me to confirm "our bars are made on a line that doesn’t use milk."

Sencha Naturals also sent me packets of their mints. I enjoyed them and will keep them in by purse / belly bag for after those strong spicy foods I enjoy so much. The mints also come in the same great flavours as the bars. The mints are also available in canisters.

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