Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dairy Free Frosting

Duncan Hines put out a dairy free frosting called Whipped Fluffy White I finally got around to trying some, on top of some dairy Free brownies. I was impressed with the texture easy to apply, but most impressive was the fact that I can get some at my local grocery store. i plan to use this on our gingerbread men this holiday season.


Noha said...

It would have been very useful to me this Christmas with all the desserts, if only it was free of nuts. The warning on their web site states that it is on shared equipment with tree nuts. I hope they change that.

Karen said...

Another dairy free spread is Fluff http://www.marshmallowfluff.com

dairy and gluten free contains eggs and corn.

Unknown said...

mmm i've used this before. I was shocked to see it was dairy free as well!!

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Maleah said...

FYI- The white and chocolate frosting from Pilsbury are dairy free. Avoid the cream cheese flavor.