Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wild Seed


This morning we went to Central Park Labyrinth in Burlington, we walked the labyrinth, and enjoyed the park space.

In the afternoon we went to Wild Seed Food Bar located in Kula Yoga Studio we enjoyed smoothies, the dairy free smoothies we ordered were made with almond, hemp or soy milk.

Wild Seed's menu has juices, smoothies, coffee & tees, salads, raw dishes and hot dishes.

This cafe makes their own almond milk, their own mock meat from nuts. They have gluten free wraps as well. Lots of vegetarian and vegan choices, although we only stopped for smoothies, during our visit.

UPDATE Wild Seed has merged with The Naked Sprout, The Naked Sprout is a meet free, pestiside free, additive free, dairy free meat free and gluten free restaurant in Burlington, Ontario

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