Saturday, May 8, 2010

Food Court and Allergies

A while back I was running errands, and did something I almost never do, I stopped at the mall food court to eat.

I noticed young people from a local high school eating in small groups. I thought to myself how is my allergic child going to handle this, and wondered how often would I want my child eating fast food anyways.

I then looked around at the food at the tables. Yes some of the students where eating fast typical fast food, others had meals from the healthier places from the food court. I also noticed some of the kids brown bagged it, and just ate with friends.

I also noticed a fair number brought food from home, and bought food from the food court. One young lady brought a salad from home, and bought a drink from a fast food place. Another student brought a sandwich from home, and bought a small order of fries.

Some brought food for health reasons others for economic reasons, perhaps some for allergy reasons, and I don't know who for what reasons. Yes my allergic child can handle this. My child has not had reactions from eating near someone with milk, so this also helps in this type of social situation.

Allergy information:
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