Sunday, July 4, 2010

Food Allergies Rock

Kyle Dine has released his new album cover, read more here

Each character has their own epi-belt and a medical I.D. bracelet!

Kyle Dine will be having a “name that character” contest on his Facebook page.

He is asking, please get your kids involved too! It’s a great creative opportunity for families to have a fingerprint on food allergy music history! I will be making my decision on July 17, so make sure to post soon!

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savvygreenmom said...

This looks so cute! I am so glad that there are people who create fun things for children with allergies so that they do not feel upset that they might be the only one. Our son has allergies, food intolerances and did have severe eczema He only has a little bit remaining from something that once covered his whole body all because he now takes Belly Boost chewable probiotics! They have helped him so so so much and he can now eat lots more foods. He does still avoid several and it's cute things like this that make it easier :) Thanks!