Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nuts in Compost Starter

I found compost starter containing peanut meal.

We compost using a backyard compost container, I've never used a compost starter, and I know you can compost peanuts, and peanut shells. This compost starter contains peanut meal, a possible concern for the nut allergic.

Super Hot Compost Starter

From their website:

Get a quick start on turning your biodegradable kitchen and yard scraps into a valuable resource using Super Hot Compost Starter. This 100% organic activator consists of a nitrogen blend and hungry micro-organisms. It's a powerful two-part system of energizer (including peanut meal) and activator (microorganisms, alfalfa, cocoa meal, and other ingredients). 8 lbs. activates up to 90 gallon of material.

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