Monday, August 2, 2010

Allergy Apparel Coupon

FREE SHIPPING! Allergy Apparel is offering FREE shipping to their awesome Avoiding Milk Readers.

Don't let back to school sneak up on you. It is right around the corner. They have added several new products. Use promo code BLUEBTS to receive FREE shipping.

Some of their new shirts include a GIVE PEACE design (pictured above) that can be customized to your child's food allergy. For example, "Give Peace Not Nuts, Food Allergy Warning," or "Give Peace Not Dairy, Food Allergy Warning." Allergy Apparel is also offering the design in both unisex or girl tee's.

Allergy Apparel Allergy Apparel offers functional and educational apparel for kiddo's with allergies. They help raise awareness, of allergies. Allergy Apparel offers hip and FUNctional apparel, epibelts, and accessories for your kiddo's with food allergies.

Offer valid until September 1st, 2010.

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Amy said...

Hey there,
Wanted to share a website w/ you that I found (& perhaps it's not new & I just didn't know about it!):

I just went on & rated Johny Rockets... we had a horrible experience there w/ trying to get ingredient lists.