Thursday, September 16, 2010

School Milk Program

World School Milk Day is September 29, in many schools across Canada. Many schools here will be giving out free milk on this day as part of Elementary School Milk Program This program differs between Province to Province, see Newfoundland and Labrador School Milk Foundation Press release.

Alisa, at Go Dairy Free had an interesting article: Does the School Lunch Program Have the Right to Require Kids to Take Milk. In many States parents have to provide doctors notes (yearly) in order that their children not receive milk in their lunches.

All the programs in Canada (that I know of) are opt in, in that you have to say you want your child to be part of the program, to receive the milk.

On a somewhat personal note my child lost her allergy her school medical form says "Lost milk allergy, low milk diet". Her teachers and other staff at her school know she does not yet drink milk in a pure form, but does have small amounts of milk in other forms, such as cheese and baked goods.

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