Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Toffuti, has issued an allergy warning that some of their products contain milk.
Tufutti Brands Recalls Frozen Dessert Brands (now dead link) they claim no reactions have been reported with this recall.

Toffuti websites (Canada, USA and UK used to) all say their products may contain milk, their packaging does not say may contain, or have any precautionary labelling. Their products have always been produced on the same lines as milk.

Read my previous post on reactions Food Allergy Assistant also did a blog post about this issue in 2009 here.

In my opinion they should me shut down if they continue to fail to add a warning that their products that may contain milk. No one is forcing them to warn the public that Kemp Ice cream and Tuffuti are made in the same plant, on the same lines. Allergens getting into foods are bound to happen time to time. This company is a repeat offender, their have also been comments on forms about poor customer service regarding information on cross contamination.

I applaud companies that issue warnings when accidents happen, and provide clear information.

Update on recall, Issued by Steve Kass.

Another reason why we need clear labelling (including precautionary labelling)

In 2009 I asked Michael Abbott of Health Canada about precautionary labelling, and companies like Tuffuti being able to say "dairy free" yet having a history of causing reactions, due to being run on the same line as milk. He did not know of this, or any other specific cases, of this happening.

LinkedIn shows that Michael Abbot is the Food Allergen Program Manager at Health Canada, I'm not sure what his role or knowledge of precautionary labelling is currently.

I also asked him for the list of companies that are petitioning against precautionary labelling. He refused.

See my list of dairy free icecreams

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