Friday, March 25, 2011

Garden Pots Made From Nuts

UPDATE: some of the links in this post are boken however Johnson Florists still lists peanuts and coconut fiber made into flower pots.

Tengzhou Shengbaoshi Bio-Technology Co. has produced biodegradable garden pots made from maize straw [corn] peanut shells, rice hull bamboo.

They are made in china but being marketed through various international trade sites like: Alibaba and Made in China

Interestingly the international trade sites have more allergy information than the company's website itself. Some of the products simply say plant fibers but do not say what kind of plant fibers, others are clearly marked peanut fibers. They also contain corn, rice and bamboo powder.

It was not all that long ago I posted about fire logs made from tree nuts. For some time Duraflame fire logs have had nuts in them, but I was surprised when I found President's Choice logs made from nut shells.

An Avoiding Milk Facebook friend, also said Our Complements brand of fire logs are made with nuts. We often discuss odd places We find allergies on Karen Avoiding Milk Facebook, if you want to join in, or read more.

All biodegradable products contain milk or plant protein, most often corn. Biodegradable products like plastics, paper products can be made from milk, corn, wheat and more. The label does not have to say what allergens are in these non food products. Cross contamination has happened, eating a corn free meal from environmentally friendly plate made from corn for example.

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Carla Burke said...

That is unbelievable about the fire logs and the pots. Good information to know!