Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bluestocking News

News From Bluestocking

I've been wanting to share this news for so long, I can't believe it's finally time. Here goes: this week, after 11 months of wrangling, we closed on a small building in New Paltz, NY that will soon become the new Lagusta's Luscious world headquarters! We're beginning renovations now, and by the end of May we are hoping to be able to welcome you to your friendly local teeny tiny organic fair-trade vegan chocolate shop! So exciting!!!

On to the April Chocolates! Yes, there is more than one. There are, in fact, SIX.

April 2011 Chocolates of the Month:
Three flavors and two sizes of chocolate bunnies & chocolate matzo toffee

For the spring holidays, we went all out: adorable bunnies in two sizes filled with peanut butter mousse, pistachio praline, or solid chocolate, and our much-beloved matzo toffee. The matzo toffee is buttery (vegan!) toffee sprinkled with the barest whisper of sea salt, liberally laced with lashings of bittersweet chocolate, all set against a backdrop of matzo that makes you feel that it might, in some way, be healthy. Well, it's made from organic and fair-trade ingredients, does that count? Yum.

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