Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Congratulations Molly on winning our giveaway Jude the Dude The Peanut Allergic Kid

Her comment said... My children are both allergic to nuts, peanuts and sesame. My son will be 5 in April (this would be a FANTASTIC birthday present!) and my daughter is 2 1/2. L, my son, has a very good understanding of his allergies and really keeps a close eye on what people feed him and his sister. He's trying to teach N, my daughter, how to say no to "bad" food and to understand their differences. He's also learning to read, so this would be an awesome incentive! I'm glad they have each other to go through this together. We babysit 2 days a week for a family with 2 kids who also have the same allergies and I'm glad to know their parents can be secure in the fact their kids are being well taken care of. Our motto around here is "We may be a little nutty, but we don't eat 'em!" Gets the kids giggling every time!!

You can learn more about Bridget Baston and her books here.

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