Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stay Safe This Spring

For safety reasons I recomend doing a safety inspection in the spring to see if people can see your street address, from the street and sidewalk.  This may entail trimming a hedge or replacing the numbers on your house. In winter clearing snow.

In an emergency, paramedics being able to find your house moments faster may make a difference. If you have a family member with any life threatenning allergy or any other serious condition, this could mean EMT could find your house faster. This may also be good if you have any other random emergency that may happen in your house, having EMS find you sooner maybe important.

If you have a longer driveway entrance, you may concider  having your street address on a gate or in the landscaping that may be an added as a safety precaution.

Some people paint the street number on to the curb, of the street or having a large street number on a rural mailbox.

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