Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Zippered EpiPen Pouch

New Product From Onespot Allergy

From Elizabeth:

What it is:An zippered EpiPen pouch. Holds one or two EpiPens. Black. VIDEO demo below.

This pouch/holster slides securely onto your own belt, purse strap, or backpack strap. Add your own carabiner hook to dangle it from a backpack, a belt loop, or any other easily accessible location.

Why you need it:Wearing your EpiPen at all times is essential, since immediate access to medication saves lives. My customers asked for a solution other than an EpiPen belt to carry an EpiPen securely and discreetly.

How you use it:Move your EpiPens to this pouch, and wear it whenever you leave home. You can slide it onto your own belt or the strap of your bag, or dangle it from your belt loop. The video below shows how these pouches work.

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