Wednesday, April 4, 2012

News From Kyle Dine

Big News from Kyle Dine

I have moved to Europe! I have been living in the beautiful country of Slovenia since January with my wife. This is where she's from and it's a great opportunity for us to help out with her family, and for me to learn more about her culture and make an attempt at learning the language (it's going slow!).

I am not just watching soccer over here and drinking coffee... I am taking a lot of notes and doing research on eating with food allergies in Europe. I am unfortunately finding it to be much more difficult than North America and will be sharing my research and tips mostly through my blog and Facebook page. I will try to provide unique content that may hopefully help others plan future trips here.

But what about allergy music? Not to worry, I am still coming back home to North America during the months of May and September to perform shows for schools and support groups (+ spend quality time with my fam ). I am currently accepting bookings for May and would love to arrange a performance at YOUR school!
Kyle Dine's May Availability for School Allergy Awareness Performances

May 1-3 - Toronto
May 7-8 - Eastern Ontario
May 16-18 - North Eastern U.S.
May 21-25 - I'm open to ideas :)
May 28 - June 5 - Windsor to Ottawa, ON and any place in between.

Take a look at his new website or drop by his blog Allergies Rock

Good Luck Kyle, you can still purchace his CDs and other products through his website.

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