Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Allergy Swag

Back to school maybe closer than you think. It may be time to invest in some new allergy swag, allergy gear, new carrying case for your epi or buy some safe treats to keep at school.
List of Allergy Gear Companies
Allergy T-Shirts
Allergy Food Containers
Allergy Lunch Bags
Allergy Tattoos
Allergy Buttons
Allergy Tags
Allergy Jewelry
Carrying Containers for Auto-Injectors and Other Allergy Meds
Personal Carrying Cases
Classroom and School Allergy Med Pouches
Asthma Pouch and Holders
Allergy Safe Candy


Unknown said...

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Food Allergies Recipe Box said...

Great information, thank you! Have to be allergy ready for school!