Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Products AllerMates

From AllerMates.com AllerMates Introduces “Don’t Eat Me” Allergy Food Package Labels to Help Parents and Kids Identify What Foods in the Home Are Not Safe to Eat

Labels Available for the Most Popular Allergies Including Peanut, Nut & Wheat Gluten Intolerance

Giving parents greater peace of mind, AllerMates introduces a new line of food package labels to address the concerns of moms of food allergic kids. The food package allergy alert labels help keep children safer by reminding everyone in the household what foods are safe and which foods should be avoided. Parents can place them on food packages or containers to clearly distinguish what isn’t safe to eat. The labels make it easier for families to stock foods with and without allergens for various household members while creating a safer environment for kids with allergies. Moms can now keep their granola in the pantry while keeping Joey or Susan safe. The labels replace many a hand written note or sticky pad.

The food package labels are a highly useful and effective way to communicate and inform caregivers and protect children when they are at school, at camp, with babysitters, on play-dates, with coaches and more.

Available 24 pack - $5.99 each.

THE STORY Iris Shamus, a mother of a child with multiple food allergies, was frustrated by the lack of allergy-related kid-friendly products, so she took action and created AllerMates, a new line of bright, fun, whimsical character-driven wristbands, dog tags, stickers and lunch boxes that young children would happily embrace. AllerMates products always put a smile on a child’s face while parents love the comfort and security that comes from knowing their children are better protected while out of their immediate care. The stickers, wristbands, dog tags and other products Iris created in between her children’s play-dates and carpools will soon be found in CVS, Kmart and Toys R Us!

Read my Interview with Iris Shamus.

All AllerMates products are hypo-allergenic, and latex free and have passed rigorous safety standards and testing. The wristbands are adjustable and fit most children. AllerMates is the proud recipient of the Mom’s Choice Award for best in family-friendly media, products and services and a winner of PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved). AllerMates has been featured on The Today Show.

An estimated 20 million children are affected by food and non-food (insect sting, shellfish, latex etc.) allergies in the US and some physicians project wheat – gluten intolerance to affect up to 30% of the population.

THE WEBSITE The AllerMates website (www.AllerMates.com) offers both parents and children easy to read and understand tips, facts and resources about allergies and health issues as well as lots of fun games and activities based on the line of AllerMates characters. The website also has an extensive social community allowing its members free and easy interaction and sharing of the latest blogs, news, videos and information within the allergy community.

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