Thursday, January 24, 2013

Allergens in Medications

Lactose and/ or Dairy in Medications

Lactose in Medications

Medications That Contain Lactose

Milk Protein in Allergy Medications

Prednisolone Contains Lactose! Why Do Steroids Contain Dairy?

Milk in Your Inhaler

Milk Protein in Asthma Medications

Nuts in Medications

Ear drops containing peanut oil and suspected association with anaphylaxis (Thanks Elizabeth of Onespot Allergy for this link from Health Canada)

List of over 100 medications and over the counter treatments that contain nuts:
Prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and treatments containing nuts.

Corn in in Almost Every Medication

Compounding Pharmacies create personalized medication for each person, without a persons allergens. The doctor has to write a script for a compound pharmacist, this is very different than a regular pharmacist.

Coconut Oil in Medication

Prescriptions and Over the Counter Medications Containing Coconuts

I talk about this more on my sister blog Chemurgy and Allergens

Chemurgy and Allergens Blog Posts

Eczema Treatments That Contain Nut Oils

Poison Ivy Products That Contain Coconut Oil

Poison Ivy Treatments That Have Nut Oils

Hemmorrhoid Treatments Containing Nuts

Cold Sore Treatments That Contain Nuts

Wart Treatments Made With Nut Oils

Ear Drops Containing Nuts

Cradle Cap Products With Nut Oils

Lice Treatments That Contain Nuts

Corn in Medical Supplies

Shrimp in First Aid Supplies

Respirator Kits That Contain Banana Oil

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