Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pocket Guide for Grandparents

By Julie Trone From Allergy Free Table

To help both parents and grandparents, Julie Trone, has written her third book, Food Allergies & Grandchildren: Pocket Guide for Grandparents. The book provides the elder set with practical management tools, stories, and facts that help them more clearly understand food allergies, and gluten intolerance related disease such as celiac. Creating a foundation of knowledge is important for the entire family to be able to properly care for loved ones who have food allergies, celiac disease, lactose intolerance, or other food related disease. ‘Our newest pocket guide is long overdue’, said Trone. ‘Over the past eleven years I have personally experienced and heard other parents express worry that the grandparents were not completely on-board with the prescribed care their child required.’ Trone’s goal with her book, Food Allergies & Grandchildren, is to serve as both training and a reference tool for grandparents, elderly aunts and uncles, and elderly care-givers with practical food allergy and gluten intolerance management information.

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