Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Schools Carrying Medications

Schools are sometimes required, sometimes choose to have additional epipens available in the office. These additional Epipens/ Auvi-Q/ Allerject injectors serve as back up supplies for diagnosed allergic students, as well as for the event a student/ staff member has a first time reaction at school. Schools are now dealing with how to store these.

In my opinion the supplies should be stored in a unlocked, visible storage unit that is easily recoginized for what it contains. Here are some suppliers of such containers, I predict this is a growing market.

Allergy Emergency Kit EpiNOW Allergy Emergency Kit Our patent-pending design is intended for secure, conspicuous mounting in elementary school lunch rooms and cafeterias for 24/7/365 access.

Bowman Epi Dispenser The Bowman ED-760 Epinephrine Auto-Injector Storage Case is an ideal solution for schools and classrooms with the capacity to hold up to 10 Epinephrine injectors and keep them in an organized easy to access dispenser.

Epi - access Teacher's Case and single epinephrine storage pouch

Rangements Pour Auto Injectors Epi-Ready Le boîtier Epi-Ready, qui se fixe au mur à l’aide de vis, peut contenir deux auto-injecteurs EpiPen ou TwinJect.

Epi-Acces La trousse Epi-Acces peut contenir jusqu’à huit auto-injecteurs. Indispensable dans les écoles, les garderies, les centres de la petite enfance et les camps de vacances.

School Health Epinephrine Emergency Cabinets Cabinet has five (item 90629) or ten (item 91088) separate compartments which can hold 1 epinephrine unit per compartment. Reference sheet on the inside of the door identifies students with their units and contains the following information: name of student, name of medication, expiration date, emergency contact name/number, and a place for student's photo.

Epi-Ready is a wall-mounted storage unit designed to provide a uniform, readily accessible, secure but not locked, location for auto-injectable epinephrine. When the Epi-Ready unit is installed in a prominent place it will serve as a constant, visible reminder of where your epinephrine is kept, so epinephrine can be reached quickly.

It is the most important for allergic people to carry allergy medications on their person, additional medications can save lives.
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