Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Phone Call From School

It is midday a parent gets a phone call from the school, their heart skips a beat, thoughts run wild. Medical emergency, accident, child in trouble. The school never calls during the school day! Thoughts run wild, especially if their child has a medical condition such as an allergy that can quickly turn into a full out emergency.

Dear Teacher,

If you need to phone a parent during the day, and the child's life is not in danger I suggest starting the conversation with something similar to the following:

"This is Mr.C from Main Street School, this is not an emergency, I'm calling to let you know we are missing a field trip form".

"Hello, this is Mrs. L from Central Public School, this is not an emergency, I'm calling about your child's recent academic success".

"Hi, this is Ms. R from school, we have a minor situation your child is ill, she is resting on a cot in our office. She threw up once, we have given her water".

"This is the school calling, nothing urgent just wanted to let you know that your child has a part in the next school assembly".

The same phoning home guidelines should also apply to babysitters and caregivers phoning parents, while a child is in their care, and they need to phone a parent. Even parents without any children with medical conditions (allergies, asthma, seizers, diabetes) will appreciate ruling out a disaster being the reason behind the phone call.

Some parents worry about THE phone call "Your child is having an attack of anaphylaxis, we have administered epinephrine, the ambulance is on it's way. One of our staff trained in first aid is with him". For many parents that phone call plays in their mind, especially when they know food related activities will be in the classroom, or if their has been a recent allergy death in the news.

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