Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rivies Guilt Free Cookies

We are impressed with Rivi’s Guilt Free Cookies They are both milk and nut free. We had the Granola cookies with 70% dark chocolate chunks, barley, spelt, oats. This and some fruit made for a very nice after school snack, especially after walking home in the rain.

The Granola pieces where like little bite size granola bars. Chewy yet crunchy the chocolate chunks were decadent. I wish I bought more of their cookies and products, from their display at the grocery store, oh well next time.

The varieties offered by Guilt Free Cookies are:

Oats and Raisins cookies/biscotti
Chocolate cookies
Lemon cookies
Ginger & Spice cookies
"Encore" - Whole Wheat & Chocolate Chip biscotti
- Dried fruits & seeds with oats, oat bran.
- 70% dark chocolate chunks, barley, spelt, oats.
- Green Tea, blueberries, flax seeds and figs.
- Ginger & ginseng.

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