Monday, May 9, 2022


New product came to my attetion BreezyPacks:

Our cases are designed to keep medicine around room temperature and prevent them from overheating; they do this by using active chemicals that cool down the medication inside when temperatures are too high, and regenerate by themselves at room temperature, meaning the user can just leave their medicine inside and forget about this issue.

Our cases were originally designed with Insulin in mind, but we quickly discovered that many people with allergies who live or travel in hot climates found them useful. Our Breezy Extra model was designed to fit two EpiPens or Auvi-Q/Allreject autoinjectors and keep them safe from the heat.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Allergens Used to Treat and Prevent Coronavirus Disease

With the increase in Coronavirus Disease cases, comes an increase in use of hand sanitizers, as well as demand for them. For sometime a few manufactures have been producing hand sanitizes using almond oil. Now with a sudden increase in demand for hand sanitizers, distilleries are now switching some or all of their production to hand sanitizers. Many of these liquor manufactures are adding glycerin, aloe vera oil, coconut oil or even almond oil to their sanitizes in a race to combat Coronavirus Disease. These products are being fast tracked for production, some are being distributed to medical clinics, hospitals and first responders.

Hand Sanitizers That Contain Nut Oils

Even for the typical cold and flu products can contain nuts such as Nasel Poducts That Contain Nut Oils and Throat Spray That Contain Nuts.

More Products That Contain Allergens That May Be in Demand During This Crisis
Inhales With Milk in Them
Respirator Kits That Contain Banana Oil
Corn in Medical Supplies

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Site Lines in Homes with People With Allergens

Buying or renovating a home? Many people want a home with clear site lines, this may be especially important for families with children with allergies, or other life threatening conditions. For many families being able to wash dishes in the kitchen, while clearly seeing the child that is snacking in the dinning room is important. Being able to be on the laptop in the living room and being able to see child that is eating in the kitchen is important. Maintaining or creating site lines can be a factor while buying or renovating a home.

Being able to see the earliest signs of a reaction could aid in having time to take emergency actions. My opinion is that it far more important to sit with a child while they they try new foods, however keeping child in site while eating is ideal. Most people know not to leave a young child alone while eating, however this may etend to older child with food allergies. When I took Standard First Aid, the instructor advised not to give a child a new food during bad weather encase you need to call the paramedics.

Another easy home improvement to make is to ensure you can easily see the street address from the road, clearing bushes, or other wise making sure house numbers are clearly visible. Stay Safe This Spring < When Doing Home Renovations Be Aware Of Home Improvement Products That Can Contain Allergens
Home improvement Items That Contain Milk
Allergens in Tiles
Paint Made From Nuts
Paint From Milk
Paint Made From Eggs
Home Improvement Products That Contain Nuts
Home improvement Products That Contain Nuts

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Allergy Emoji

REACTINE Canada petitioning for the creation of the first allergy emoji

The emoji represents environmental allergies (not food/ drug allergies), as a person who is allergic to grass, some trees and plants I can relate to this emoji.

The Weather Network has been promoting the emoji YouTube AD: If you suffer from THIS, a new emoji may be coming out that's just for you Reactine Canada, buys air time with The Weather Network.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

ShaSha Maple Snaps

Look what I found at our local grocery store ShaSha Maple Snaps. Read more about them on ShaSha's blog Shasha Co.’s Maple Snaps!

They are made with Real Canadian Maple Syrup. Manufactured in a peanut-free and dairy-free facility, these cookies are ideal for children to take to school for an afternoon snack. I would have liked to see a "dairy free" symbol along with the nut and peanut free symbol on the packaging.

In 2011 we had the opportunity to go to the ShaSha factory and take a tour read about it here.

When we visited we learned ShaSha factory was actually two buildings, one completely nut free, the other building made products with tree nuts. The snap cookies continue to be made in a peanut and tree nut free facility.

Some of their products are made with ancient grains that some wheat allergic people can tolerate, but celiac people can not. The products are marked wheat free or gluten free or nut free be aware of what YOU react to.