Monday, March 9, 2009

Milk Allergy Reactions to Tofutti

In the past I have criticized Tofutti, on chat groups and blogs about making their products on lines with milk. Now their is evidence that this is a bad idea.

Their are "true milk free products", we should be supporting, especially if dealing with a severe allergies. Just think of the reactions that are unreported!


March 9th, 2009

Ell relessed a Manufacturer Allergen Ingredient Labeling (MAIL) ALERT for Tofutti Cuties.

A child suffered an anaphylactic reaction immediately following ingestion of this product.

Cross-contamination with milk in processing is suspected. The product will be tested by FARRP, an independent food allergy testing laboratory at the University of Nebraska.

This is the 3rd allergic incident report for Tofutti that has been submitted to ELL within the past several months (9 total documented allergic incidents to-date). Following the receipt of each report, ELL has notified the manufacturer but has not received any replies.

Please note, Tofutti Cuties are manufactured by co-packers (Kemp’s Ice Cream). Tofutti also manufactures a peanut variety of the Cutie frozen dessert. Tofutti does not include cautionary or advisory warnings for the potential for cross contamination with milk and/or peanut ingredients.

Historically, the company has been very uncooperative and has not taken responsibility for any of the allergic reactions reported.

If you are aware of any allergic incidents resulting from consumption of Tofutti products, please contact Eat, Learn, Live (ELL) immediately.


Kathleen Silverman

Eat, Learn, Live (ELL)

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Unknown said...

oh no, our son loves these. we've had no problems so far. he's eaten about 3 boxes...over time. hmmm, something to think about. thanks for the heads up.

thanks for linking my blog. i just linked yours. sorry it took me so long. you have a great site. i just need to get on the blogging again.