Thursday, March 12, 2009


Organicville released some new products this month and I found some at my local health food store, they were however officially relesed at Whole Foods.

I picked Organic Original BBQ Sauce, I would of preferred Hot & Spicy but my children don't share my taste for spicy foods. The Original had the right level of interesting tastes for everyone in the family.

I've had it in the fridge for a few days and has been used both vegetarian and meat stir fries. Many people will appreciate that it is not only vegan but gluten free with no added sugar.

From web site:
Organicville’s exciting new all-organic BBQ sauces come in two delicious flavors: “Original,” and “Hot and Spicy.” “Original” offers a sweet and smoky flavor which pairs the tangy sweetness of organic tomatoes with a savory hint of spice. “Hot and Spicy” adds a peppery spice and daring flavor to burgers, veggies, side dishes and more. As always, we bring these new sauces to you without any sugar added! Sweetened with agave nectar, these richly flavored BBQ sauces will be enjoyed by everyone in your family!

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