Sunday, April 12, 2009

Casein Filler

More things the milk allergic should look out for Casein Filler from Earthbound.

From their web site:
"Many walls and ceilings need repair before you can paint them. For an effective, long lasting repair try earthBorn Casein Filler, the perfect complement to earthBorn environmentally friendly wall and ceiling paints.

earthBorn Casein Filler has a smaller carbon footprint than most fillers. It is based on the natural milk protein casein and white lime. Less energy is used to make it because it is titanium dioxide free.

But there is no loss of performance. earthBorn Casein Filler has excellent adhesive qualities, making it easier to fill cracks and holes in plaster and other surfaces. Once applied, it remains flexible and lasts exceptionally well."

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Anonymous said...

How interesting! I have never heard of that before! thanks!