Saturday, April 18, 2009

Milk Paint

RK Miles Milk Paint

Milk Paint, made from real cows milk, dates back to ancient Egypt. Used by early settlers and making a small comeback. Modern manufactures tout the earth friendliness of milk paint. You can even find instructions on how to make your own milk paint on the Internet.

More Milk Paint companies:

Milk Paint
Real Milk Paint Company
The Original Milk Paint Co.
Fallagher's Milk Paint

Their are furniture manufactures who specialize in milk paint or use milk paint in some of their furniture.

Victorian Woodshop has a line of shelves using milk paint.
Windsorchairs made with milk paint at Bear River Bodger.

Using or touching these products especially while wet, can be a problem for people with contact or a severe milk allergy. Casein (milk) can also be found in small amounts in traditional paints. So far it appears only small speciality companies are using milk paint, but beware they can be up to 99% milk protein.

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