Friday, May 29, 2009

Early Kitchens

One of our families hobbies is going to small museums. We have visited several pioneer homes, pre industrial homes, Native People's villages and Children's Museums.

A few weeks ago we went to Ireland House a restored house in the pioneer and early industrial age. We marvelled at their pioneer kitchen with open stone fireplace they used as a cooking space.

When we went to the newer kitchen in the house, we saw an iron stove, cupboards with remakes of early canned food ordered from stores. In the time the kitchen was restored in, packaged food was a small luxury for many families.

Not resisting a learning opportunity I handed my allergic child a can and asked her to read the ingredients. After a few moments she exclaimed their are no ingredients! We then talked about how in the pioneer and industrial age they did not list ingredients. We also talked about when I was young child companies could, but did not have to list ingredients. Never mind (may contain)

Although labeling laws are not perfect, I have to marvel at how far we have come.

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