Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Planning a getaway


We are planning a small weekend getaway, let me share with you some traveling with food allergies tips.

1) Ask for a fridge to keep your allergy safe food, or for longer trips a kitchenette.

2) Plan outings that bringing your own food, is welcomed. If outing has "No out side food" policy, E-mail company ahead of time asking permission due to food allergies, print permission to bring own food in case your questioned.

3) Do restaurant allergy planning ahead of time, and visit restaurants during less busy times. Sometimes different restaurants may have different levels of allergy awareness within the same chain.

4) Know where the hospitals are, and bring medication, check expiration dates, be aware of temperature and medication storage.

5) Complementary shampoo and lotions often do not list ingredients so bring your own.

6) Some hotels have allergy suits, they may have easy to clean surfaces, perfume free sheets usually in a pet free wing. Allergy suits have just started. I've never used one, but how neat an idea.

7) for longer trips, find health food stores in the area you plan to visit.

8) Bring plenty of clothing and / or your own safe detergent, not the time to see if your allergic to a new laundry detergent.

9) Mark on your map food allergy resturants, food friendly locations, other key places.

10) Each adult should have a recent clear photo of all children traveling with you, even if they don’t have any health concerns.

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