Friday, November 20, 2009

Yule Logs

Guardian Angel Foods has their Yule Logs out, only for some this year.

Last year if you were in Ontario and New Brunswick, you could get them in Metro Stores. SEE UPDATE BOTTOM OF POST This year they appear to only sell them in Quebec and Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, Ontario.

The company claims to be expanding but we can only buy a small sample of their products outside of Quebec in Metro Stores. We love their nut, egg and dairy free muffins and cakes but we can't get any of their other products other than by ordering them on line.

We allergic families in Ontario would like to see their dairy, egg and nut free chocolates, breads, advent calenders and other Guardian Angel Products.

They have yet to respond to my e-mail, about their Yule Logs, or Twitter message.


Christmas Yule Logs
Now available!
Our delicious Chocolate Yule Log is available in Metro (Quebec and Ontario), IGA (Quebec) and most of our retail sales outlets. Our Maple Yule Log is available in Metro (Quebec) and most of our retail sales oultets. They will also both be available in Toronto at the Specialty Shop of the Sick Kids Hospital.

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Carol said...

good luck with that. I tried to get Hershey to bring their original powder back and they never listened. It would be nice if someone would actually listen to your request. I haven't had much luck writing politians either.