Friday, December 25, 2009

Health Canada

Will Health Canada listen to us?

Allergen labeling laws are being reviewed. The Consultations on Precautionary Labelling of Food Allergens, have happened in many cities across Canada.

People have filled in questions on cross contamination needs on Health Canada's website, we have talked to Representatives of Health Canada, we have attended meetings. We have been protesting for years.

Food manufacturers both "naughty and nice" have slowed down clear labelling laws others are more open. Health Canada will not tell us the names of the "naughty" manufactures who are slowing clear labeling laws in Canada.

Long time ago Health Canada promised us a clear allergy labeling law by 2002, we remember this, we know the countries that have clear labelling laws, we know how long the law has been in the works in Canada.

I visited Health Canada on Twitter I scanned their posts, I didn't see any posts on food allergen labelling. For that matter Health Canada are not even following any allergy organizations, or groups.

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