Monday, January 25, 2010

Dairy Museum

If your allergic to milk, I do not recommend visiting the America's Ice cream & Dairy Museum. The museum takes a look at the history of the dairy cow, ice cream an milk. Examples of butter turns, milking machines, milk delivery wagons and more.

I enjoy little known museums, and learning odd bits of history, and seeing hidden treasures, but I know this place would drive my allergic child crazy.

Added information:

I also wish to add corn allergic people should not visit corn mazes. Nut allergic should not visit peanut farms. (peanut as well as concerns with peanut hay) This may seem obvious to us allergic folk, but is should be noted that people with severe corn allergies, have had reactions to the cornstalk with out the corn. Therefore it is reasonable to say some nut allergic people may have reactions to peanut hay, though I can't find any documentation to back this statement up.

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1 comment:

Grace said...

Yikes!!! No thanks. There is a dairy near here that offers tours and free ice cream - not on our agenda!