Friday, January 15, 2010


Our school has "special lunch days" every Friday it is pizza day, sub day, pasta day or hot dog day. This raises a money for the school, though not the healthiest choices for lunch.

When my allergic child started full day school in grade one, I tried to match the special lunch days, packing hot dogs on hot dog day, and so on. Half the time I would get the weeks mixed up, but our child took it in stride. Eventually she asked not to have the matching lunches, many of the kids don't have special lunches anyway due to allergy, health, or cultural reasons.

Wednesday night I made two pizzas with soy cheese for dinner, they both asked for the left overs for Thursdays school lunch. I joked I should of made it for Thursday's dinner so I could send it for Friday's "special lunch". "No" was the united answer from both our children. Our youngest and oldest wanted pizza the different day.

I asked myself why was I trying to match lunches anyway, even when she goes to birthday parties she doesn't want matching food any more. She even asked to bring left over stew in a thermos, and chocolate muffin to a birthday pizza party.

Thinking back was it me or her, that wanted to have food that looked like everyone elses lunch.

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