Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Break

March Break has been good so far, enjoying play dates, small outings, reading and board games with the kids. We are all getting over a cold so we were slow moving at first.

Our eldest was invited to a friends, cupcake party. I packed Guardian Angel Foods Chocolate And Raspberry Muffins, dairy free icing and some candy that was allergy safe. The Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips were well used. I was confident that the host, and my child knew to keep things separated during the party. She even brought home the decorated cupcakes in the Guardian Angel Box that the muffins came in.

Some Guardian Angel products are still not getting out to some Ontario stores, so I was lucky to find the chocolate muffins, as my local Metro has replaced some of Guardian Angel's shelf space with other products, and have not received any cakes for a long time now.

Another day we went off on a hike, we saw a beautiful waterfall, and went to visit The Dundas Museum. We stopped at a bench in their garden and had a small picnic, before exploring more.

While in Dundas we went to The Horn of Plenty health food store and picked up some dairy free items. I've heard good things about the Horn of Plenty, but till now have never been. the store went back a fair ways with lots of "free from" foods. it had a large bulk section that would not be good for us, as an allergic family, but at one time I would have enjoyed.

Come see some pictures of our outings (old and new) at my Ontario Family Fun Blog. Enjoy your March Break.


Melanie said...

I live very close to you find the Guardian Angel treats at the Metro there? I've never seen them in my grocery store (Fortinos - Ancaster)

Karen said...

I have found Guardian Angel in Burlington, Ontario in the Metro stores. The Gardian Angel website has info on the stores that carry their products in Ontario. their is or was ordering problems in Ontario.

Only some of their products are in stores in Ontario.

You can order most of their line from their website, or if you are in Quebec from many grocery stores. Blue Bear Aware in Canada also sell their holiday products.