Saturday, March 27, 2010

Valentinos Organic Pizza

While traveling in Kitchener, Ontario we had an early dinner at Valentino's Organic Pizza They make gluten and dairy free pizza, with dairy free cheese.

Valentino's Pizza is one of our favorite dairy free pizza places that we have been to. The first time we went, was the first time our allergic child had pizza in a pizza box, this was a big thrill for her.

They just started making one serving frozen pizzas, for people to reheat at home. The owner said many of his regulars order a hot pizza to go, then order a frozen pizza for later. Most of their ingredients can be ordered organic. Unfortunately they only have a few chairs for seating, most of their business is take out or delivery.

While in Kitchener we saw the Our Body the Universe Within at the Kitchener Children's Museum. The Kitchener Children's Museum usually has things for younger kids. See my Ontario Family Fun Blog for our random outings with the kids. I also have a list of Canadian Allergy Friendly Restaurants

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Grace said...

That is wonderful! My child has never had pizza except at home. Gluten and dairy free pizza from a restaurant - amazing!