Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gingerbread House

Create a Treat has Gingerbread Houses free from nuts, but they contain many other allergens.

Our Compliments Gingerbread Houses now have a nut free statement on their products. This has created a great deal of interest on Avoiding Milk's Facebook page. Both Our Compliments and Create A Treat are mostly found in Canada.

Noha commented "I called and confirmed with the company yesterday afternoon. There is no dairy or egg in the product and the equipment is completely shut down, washed and sterilized before making the houses to make sure there is no allergen residue. The rep told me it was safe. Very promising though. For us it means the first dairy, egg, and nut free gingerbread house in Nova Scotia"!

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Diane said...

I love all the yummy safe treats you post about. Thanks for sharing.