Monday, December 27, 2010

Airline Seat Covers

People with severe contact allergies are often concerned with contact allergens. People with anaphylaxis, who are planning to fly often cover their seats to reduce the risk of contact reactions. Her are some brands of seat covers for people planning to fly, some people also use seat covers for movie theaters.

Airline Seat Covers from Onespot Allergy Airline seat covers designed specifically to help you stay safe when traveling with food allergy and anaphylaxis (black). 100% cotton jersey with attached arm rest covers.

Plane Sheets PlaneSheets offers today's travelers an innovative and practical way to personalize their travel space while keeping at bay germs, crumbs and spills from previous passengers.

New Seat covers are packaged with 2 covers and 2 cleansing wipes per bag. The covers are comfortable and hygienic,
providing 100% coverage of the seating and back surfaces. Cleansing wipes provided for additional sanitation and peace of mind – armrests, airline tray tables, etc.

More information on traveling with food allergies.

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