Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Day

We went as a family to ShaSha Bread's Family Day Open House. ShaSha has two buildings one for his peanut and tree nut free cookies, then another building for the loaves of breads, and other products, that does produce products with almonds, in it's wheat free but not gluten free area.

First we went to the bread bakery, we tasted fresh bread, ShaSha Navazesh spoke enthusiastically about finding mostly local ingredients, his machines he used to sprout his bio buds, history of the grains he chooses, the care in finding organic ingredients. ShaSha shared his deep feelings for healthy eating, and care about cross contamination and allergens.

We then went to the cookie factory, we were told we could not carry any nut products, even in our pockets. Here we tried samples of many of their products. They did a short presentation on the health benefits, and care ShaSha takes in choosing his ingredients.

Then the production began of his cookies, we saw them being created from batter to stamped cookies to cooked ginger snap cookies to being packaged. Then we were each given a sample bag of products including the cookies just made.

Included in the loot bag we were given when leaving was ShaSha bio-buds. When we got home I made a filling soup with them.

Mr. ShaSha also revealed some information about a product he has in the works, Maple Cookies, they will be sweetened with maple and made in the shape of maple leaves, made with 100% Canadian ingredients. They hope to be selling them some time in 2011.

We then went to the ShaSha outlet store, for the public.

ShaSha also has a You Tube Channel and blog

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shasha Shaun Navazesh said...

Thank you for being part of our shasha Co. family day