Friday, May 6, 2011

Blue Bear Contest

News From Blue Bear Aware

NEW to Blue Bear Aware!!!
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Colour to celebrate Allergy Awareness!
Blue Bear Aware is inviting children, 12 and under, to submit their Allergy Messages in our May Colouring Contest.
What Allergy Awareness Message Do YOU Want to Share?

Email us for a copy of the Colouring Contest
Two prizes will be awarded: 1) Creativity/Presentation 2) Allergy Awareness

How to Enter:
• The contest is open to children 12 and under.
• One entry per person.
• Mail a completed colouring contest picture to: Blue Bear Aware, 839 Burnaby Street, New Westminster, British Columbia Canada V3L 4V8
• The deadline to enter is May 31, 2011 .
• The winning pictures will be posted at after June 1, 2011.
• The two winners’ first names will be posted with their pictures online.
• A mailing address must be included in order to receive prizes.

Blue Bear Aware will not post last names, mailing addresses or other personal information online.
For more info or a Colouring Contest entry form- contact Elizabeth at

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