Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Disney Story

Guest Post from Allergy Freee Mouse:

Our daughter fell in love with Disney several years ago. But, we never thought we would become Disney theme park fans like we are now. However, travel and vacations with a daughter who has a severe dairy allergy have always been difficult. Then, a few years ago, we found out that Disney World has a system for handling food allergies at their restaurants and resorts. We had to check it out. We learned more about the program, the reservation process, and the parks and then booked our first trip. And, we had a blast! We still had a few issues with our daughter’s allergy, but we had a fabulous, and less worrisome vacation, and lots of great memories. Now, after several years of food allergy planning at Disney, we still find it difficult to plan. Additionally, we often meet other food allergy parents who did not even know about the program until they arrived! So, we felt it was time to put our planning tips and dining experiences together in a website, called

There is a lot of information about the Special Diets program available online, but it isn’t very well organized or maintained. We’ve worked hard to make the information easy to find and understand, and we are receiving a lot of favorable comments. Please visit our site if you’re planning a trip to Disney World. We also have a few tips for Disney Cruises and will be adding Disneyland information soon. – For Disney fans with food allergies.

This Guest Post is from Allergy Mouse, more allergy stories can be found at Disney Stories

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Unknown said...

Yay! I can't wait to take our boys there someday. Miles will love eating food in restaurants! Thanks for this resource.