Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bulk bins and other choices

I went to the Bulk Barn. Normally not a safe place for people with food allergies all those cross contamination causing bins of food. However I noticed above the bins neatly packaged allergy friendly food, some cheaper than the local health food store!

Some of the brands where things I see every where, like Rice Dream Rice Milk and Organic Cereals that I see everywhere, but some where the harder to find brands.

It was great to see bins of gluten free flour that you could buy as little or as much as you needed in bins as well as the prepackaged boxes, after all choices for the allergic consumer.

Then I got to thinking, could some one handle the bins then the packaging? How far does one have to go to prevent cross contamination? Allergic families are constantly judging our own comfort level in the choices we make.

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