Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dairy Free Granola Bars

We usually have PC No Nut Granola Bars Blueberry, 5-fruit or Strawberry. They are made in a nut free factory on a milk free line. Only a few of the PC No nut bars are dairy free.

I finally found in a store (not on-line) Honey Bars Made in a milk free factory 100% organic made with seeds and nuts. I did enjoy them, they where very chewy and crunchy.

More Dairy Free Granola bars


Unknown said...

Those honey bars look pretty good! Were you able to find them in a regular supermarket or did you have to go to a specialty store/health foods store?

Karen said...

I found the honey bars at Bulk Barn, a chain that sells bins of foods and health foods. 0.99 a bar!