Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Siblings and Birthday Parties

A few weeks ago our allergic child went off to a birthday party. I packed milk free pizza and two milk free mini donuts. My youngest daughter and I went out and had pizza slices, at the mall food court and bought vegetables at a fruit market.

Yesterday our non allergic child went off to a party, no packing only a present to buy. My eldest child and I went off on a non food adventure. We went to a book store to buy a book, with a gift card she was given as a gift. Then we went to a thrift shop we found a music CD, and five dollar roller blades. I can’t always make things completely fair, but I think we come pretty close.


Unknown said...

Good post. Wish there were more written about allergic and non-allergic siblings. Hard to prevent the non-allergic child from feeling that the allergic one gets "special" attention.

hellokittiemama said...

Oh I love this!

I have one that is gluten free/casein free and autistic

and my other is dairy free and 'typical'.

But it is SOO tough keeping things "fair" between them.