Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today our youngest and non allergic child, went to a birthday party, it is nice not to have to pack a special lunch.

My eldest allergic child, and I did a non food activity together this time we went to Michael's Craft Store. We got some craft projects to do both by herself, and with her sister and friends.

Last week my allergic child went to a friends house, I went out with our non allergic child for ice cream. I can't always make things perfectly fair. Allergic families find different ways to make things work, at least most of the time.


Grace said...

My 3 yr old non-allergic child thinks everytime we are way from the allergic child we have to go get ice cream!

Now we have ice cream Fridays. I found coconut milk ice cream for the milk allergic child.

Karen said...

Thats funny, a couple weeks ago non allergic child and I went to park of her choice when allergic child was out.