Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Allergic Living Campaign

Allergic Living has nearly 1000 letters of petition toward their airline allergy awareness campaign regarding allergies

From their web site:

Allergic Living makes clear in the cover article of its Winter Issue that those flying with food allergies are concerned about allergen exposures aboard aircraft. Many want risk reduction measures to be taken – and with good reason.

As a recent study from the University of California at Davis shows, reactions aboard North American aircraft are not uncommon. About 10 per cent of those with severe allergies report having in-flight reactions, sometimes serious enough to result in hospital care.

Allergic Living wants Canada’s two main air carriers to hear what we've been hearing from readers and forum-goers about airlines and allergies and the desire for enhanced food safety in the the skies.

So we have set up a write-in campaign to Air Canada and WestJet executives to let them know that a great number of their passengers want to see improved food allergy policies. To get this message across, we need your help.

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