Thursday, February 12, 2009

lights, camera, action

After school yesterday our child was very excited to tell me she would be the class photographer. She said she would be using the teacher’s camera, and that the pictures were going to be displayed. I enquired why and how she became to be class photographer.

She said it was for a special project. She was sure it was going to be great, and she would do a really good job.

I opened her agenda and learned that the teacher planed a food related activity, and asked if my daughter could be the photographer. I talked later to the teacher about how excited she was about this plan.

What a great way of including an allergic child, while keeping them at arms reach of the food. She had one of her treats after, and reported she did a great job making sure everyone got their picture taken doing various tasks.

My child has the tolerance to be in the same room as her allergen, so it worked for us, but this solution might not work for everyone.


Anonymous said...

That is so thoughtful!

Unknown said...

Good story. Sounds like to worked out well!