Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Buddy Bandz

BuddyBandz are visual Food Allergy Alert Bracelets. BuddyBandz are designed to be PROACTIVE. We use simple universal food allergy symbols that are recognized by everyone, no matter their language or age. The will stand out and help protect your child from offerings that could put him/her in danger.

BuddyBandz are a low cost means of providing an alert for children with food allergies. They are comfortable and waterproof and they do not contain any metal that could irritate a child’s sensitive skin. They are washable and can be worn swimming and/or bathing and there is no annual fee.

BuddyBandz are currently offered for Peanut, Milk, Shellfish and Egg Allergies, and we are also working on custom made bracelets for children who have multiple food allergies.

Our long term goal is to open a food allergy summer camp so children with food allergies can have the same opportunity to enjoy summer as every other kid!

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